Sky Top Organics Eggs, Super, Brown, Large

USDA Organic. Certifgied by Pennsylvania Certified Organic. Non GMO. Hens fed vegetarian diet. No antibiotics administered, No hormones (No hormones are used in the production of shell eggs) and Non GMO. Free range. Sky Top Organics is a family run company dedicated to sustainable farming and the golden rule for all we do. We believe we truly we are what we ear, so we make sure you and your family enjoy only this best testing artisan organic eggs. Our hens are Non-GMO and never fed animal fats or hormones but only enjoy 100% organic grains, most milled on the farm. They are gives a protected space to roam, roost and nest, and raised with care in a very natural and healthy environment. Our hens have a cage free way of living and are given access to outdoor air and sunlight besides natural lgiht in their barns whenever the weather forces them indoors. We believe our happy ehns make super eggs. To learn more about your products, visit Carton made from 100% recycled material.