Rising Sun Farms Gorgonzola Cheese Torta

Rising Sun Farms® Gorgonzola Cheese Torta with Roasted Hazelnuts and Cranberries. Gluten free. All natural. Since 1985. Award winning. Please recycle. Try all of Rising Sun Farms® Cheese Tortas. For more information & recipes, visit our web site: www.risingsunfarms.com. Rising Sun Farms successfully strives to provide international award-winning foods utilizing the highest quality clean ingredients, while supporting organic and sustainable agriculture. History of the Gorgonzola Cheese Torta. The Gorgonzola Torta was developed to highlight hazelnuts (Oregon grows 99% of all domestic hazelnuts), pears (the rogue valley is the "pear capital of the world") and cranberries (from the Oregon Coast), blended with the very best Gorgonzola cheese in the country ... our favorite. It was an instant award-winning success! Taste it and you'll find out why. Great with a dark beer, sparkling wine, port or dessert wine. Best of all...enjoy with friends and family! Ah... life is good! Savor all of our flavors at Rising Sun Farms®, Acquired Taste™, 5126 South Pacific Highway Phoenix, Oregon 97535. Seizing every day on the farm since 1982. Elizabeth & Richard Fujas. Cranberry tidbits: The cranberry gets its name from Dutch and German settlers, who called it "crane berry". When the vines bloom in the late spring and the flowers' light pink petals twist back, they have a resemblance to the head and bill of a crane. Over time, the name was shortened to cranberry. Gorgonzola tidbits. Gorgonzola is a velvety blue cheese named after a village outside of Milan, Italy. The cheese dates back to the 9th century, with the blue/green mold developing accidentally around the 11th century. It is considered one of the best cheeses in the world of its kind. We agree! Our plant is inspected by 3rd party auditors, US Military, FDA, Oregon Department of Agriculture, and regularly inspected by our own quality assurance. Awards! Inc. Magazine top 5000. 2009 Top 25 Women-owned business in Oregon. 2009 American cheese society. 2008 LA county fair. 2003 World cheese awards. 2001 Award of excellence. 1994 Oregon manufacturing entrepreneur of the year. 1989 Most progressive farm in Oregon - Or. Dept. of Ag. Product of the U.S.A. Slow Food for the Fast Lane™. Acquired Taste™. 1-800-888-0795. www.risingsunfarms.com.