Ahold Almondmilk, Vanilla

Naturally flavored with other natural flavors. Amount and % Daily Value per Serving: 80 calories; 2.5 g low fat (4%). Dairy free. Soy free. Lactose free. Gluten free. Excellent source of calcium, vitamins D & E. Soy free. Cholesterol free. Ultra-pasteurized. Made from real almonds. Stay flavorful and dairy free with our delicious Almondmilk varieties. Almondmilk's rich, nutty flavor will add a splash of delight to your morning cereal, afternoon snack or as a milk substitute in baked goods. An excellent source of calcium, vitamins D and E, and free of soy and dairy, our Almondmilk is as good for you as it is delicious. Quality guaranteed or your money back. Healthy ideas. Try our original, vanilla and unsweetened options to see which one best fits your taste and dietary needs. Recyclable. Recyclable.