Conair The Knot Dr Wet & Dry Detangler, The Pro

Brush case included. Optimum Flexalite bristle count for painless detangling. Soft-touch finish. Heat-resistant design. The Knot Dr. for Conair. Get a professional knotectomy. Soft-touch finish. 212 Flexalite bristles. Just the right number, spaced just the right way, to make detangling pain free. Blow-dryer friendly bristles! Hard travel case protects brush head and bristles. Super soft-touch handle. Extra-large bristles tips to gently massage scalp. Knotectomy [not-ek-tuh-me]: The removal of knots. What's a Knotectomy? It's precision knot surgery. In the past, such procedures have been long and difficult to endure, and included the ripping and tearing of large clumps of matted hair; however, when performed by a professional, the Knotectomy is entirely painless. After years of dedicated research and experimenting, the Knot Dr. is ready to operate. Made in China.