Clorox Bleach, Scented, Crisp Lemon

33% more compact dose (vs previous Clorox Scented Bleach). Concentrated formula. Long-lasting fragrance. Whitens, brightens & remove stains. Cleans & protect surfaces (By reducing soil adhesion). For standard & HE machines. Contains no phosphorus. Not harmful to septic systems. Not for sanitization or disinfection. To sanitize and disinfect, use Clorox Disinfecting Bleach. For Laundry: Bleachable Fabrics: avoid bleaching wool, silk, mohair, leather, spandex and nonfast colors. 1. Sort laundry by color. 2. Add detergent. 3. Fill bleach to max line in dispenser or add 1/3 cup bleach to wash water. 4. Add clothes and start wash. 5. For best results, add to wash 5 minutes after the wash cycle has begun. For Cleaning and Deodorizing: Floors, walls, vinyl, glazed tile, bathtub showers, sinks and hard nonporous toys. 1/3 cup + 1 gallon. Prewash surface, mop or wipe with bleach solution. Allow solution to contact surface for at least 6 minutes. Rinse well and air dry. Questions or comments? Visit us at or call (800) 292-2200. For more product ingredient information, visit Made in USA of global components.