Chef's Cut Biltong, Original

Air dried beef. 26 g protein. Zero sugar. Paleo friendly simple ingredients. Not a low calorie food. Made with real ingredients. No nitrites/nitrates except those that naturally occur in cultured celery powder. Say hello to Biltong. Possibly more important than what's in this bag is what's not in it - sugar - and not because we resorted to any artificial sweeteners. Biltong, a South African staple, is a form of air-dried meat that's naturally made without sugar. Using a handcrafted selection of spices and razor-thin cuts of beef our Chef has put his own spin on the South African snack. The result? An authentic, flavor-packed biltong that rings true from Cape Town to Cape Cod. Premium beef. Unique spice blend. Air dried. Sliced thin. US inspected for wholesomeness by Department of Agriculture. Instagram. Twitter. (at)chefscutjerky. Made in the USA.