Cheez It Cheesy Baked Snacks, Cheese Pizza 5.75 oz

Ride the cheese wave of puffy and airy, bite-sized squares baked with 100% real cheese, inside and out. Cheez-It Puff’d Cheese Pizza cheesy baked snacks bring you melt-in-your-mouth, cheddar and tomato flavor in every bite. With the deliciously craveable cheese pizza flavor in every bite, this snack experience satisfies your senses with an irresistible crunch followed by epic cheesiness that kids and adults crave; Baked with 100% real cheese into every puffy cracker for maximum tastiness. Pack Cheez-It Puff’d in your home pantry for a lunch snack or after school snack. Great as a bite when hanging out with friends, these puffy cheese bites are incredibly airy and perfect for anytime snacking. Stock up on bags of this family favorite snack food for TV watching, gaming, play time, or anytime. Hungry for a snack that won’t weigh everyone down? Defy your cheezpectations with crisp, crunchable, always munchable Cheez-It Puff’d cheesy baked snacks.