Cheerios Honey Nut Sweetened Whole Grain Oat Cereal 18.8 oz Box

First ingredient whole grain oats. Celebrating 80 years of our original Cheerios cereal. Before Cheerios there was Cheerioats. Introduced in 1941, Cheerioats was one of the first oat-based ready-to-eat cereals. A lot has changed since 1941, but one thing remains the same, our original Cheerios cereal is still made with wholesome whole grain oats as the number one ingredient! You oat-a-know. More than 500 recipes were developed, and more than 10 shapes and sizes were considered before the ideal Cheerioats recipe was found. It warms our hearts to see an oat in the cold. That's because cool climates help yield plumper, heartier oats. Whole grain oats are a good source of fiber. We buy oats from hundreds of farmers across North America! A whole grain food is made by using all three parts of the grain. Proud sponsor of Celiac Disease Foundation. Box Tops for Education. No more clipping. Scan your receipt. See how at