Canine Carry Outs Dogs Snacks, Beef & Cheese Flavor 9.75 oz

Doubly Delicious Canine Carry Outs Snausages Snaw Somes! dog chews pack two irresistible flavors and a satisfyingly chewy texture, all twisted into one drool-worthy package. Fun for All, Anywhere Made for dogs of all sizes, these chewy dog treats are produced in Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A., to be enjoyed by dogs everywhere. And the convenient, resealable canister makes it easy to take them just about anywhere, too. Exciting Anytime Give one to your pal to gnaw on as a dinnertime distraction, a reward for a job well done at the vet or an anytime treat — just for being snaw some! Go ahead, share some twisted fun with your coolest canine companion. Possible side effect: excessive fun!