Cadbury Caramel Egg, Mini 12 ea

If you're planning an Easter celebration full of classic traditions like Easter baskets and egg hunts, you need a carton full of classic chocolate treats like CADBURY caramel eggs. These mini seasonal candy snacks are made of creamy milk chocolate with gooey, delicious caramel at the center. Thanks to their small size, egg shape and seasonal foil, they'll fit in perfectly with the rest of your Easter festivities. Fill your candy dish, lunch box and snack cabinet at home and work with delightful chocolate eggs individually wrapped for lasting freshness throughout the season. Don't forget to save a few for on-the-go enjoyment and movie night snacking Peter Cottontail would approve of! In the sharing spirit? Make Easter baskets for your co-workers, friends and family members, and pack those baskets with CADBURY mini caramel-filled eggs they're sure to love. Looking for a new experiment? Try a caramel egg topping on your best baked brownies or cookies — it's sure to be an Easter hit.