Brooklyn Bred Thick Pizza Crust 3 ea

Since 1930. Naturally fermented. Neapolitan. Ready to crisp. If We are what we eat, or is it, We eat what we are, indeed many of us Brooklynites are Pizza! But as times have changed, so has Pizza, and nowadays many prefer a crust that is thin, lite, sprouted with wellness, even shaped with racy curves, and, as always, fermented with flavor. Sprouted grains thin crust - The pizza crust we crave to be. David Mafoud, Edward Mafoud 3rd generation bakers. Breducation why should we eat sprouted grains? The process of sprouting whole grains creates enzymatic activities that breaks down starches into simpler sugars; proteins into amino acids; fats into soluble fatty acids. As a result, breads made with sprouted grains are lower in glycemic index, more digestible, and a better source of nutrients and antioxidants. Our bred your imagination.