Boppy Pillow, Feeding and Infant Support, Luxe

0 m. 6 m. 9+ m. Finished Size: 22.5 in x 18 in (57.15 cm x 45.72 cm). Feeding. Propping. Tummy time. Sitting. Snap a photo of your little on this royalty soft minky slipcovers pillow with royal crown and embroidered mane. We love curves Miracle Middle stretch panel fits most waists. Machine washable. Feeding - 0 m: Ergonomically correct positioning for feeding. This is your moment to just sit and enjoy being with your baby. Time to get comfy. Propping - 3 m: Crawling? It'll come. But for now, your baby is content to lounge comfortably. Tummy Time - 6 m: See that kicking and head lifting? It's quite a workout getting all those muscles ready for rolling and sitting. Go baby go. Sitting - 9+m: Topples happen. So while your baby works out the wobbles, the Boppy Pillow is there for balance and support. Support for all Momkind since 1989. Certification is made by the manufacturer that the materials in this article are described in accordance with law. No special equipment required. It's What's Inside that Counts: This pillow is made with virgin fiber, only the best for you and baby. Look for the Boppy shape! Leaders in baby care, born in Italy, trusted around the world. Bonding it's a Boppy Thing. Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. Top Shower Gift: Chance to win a $500 American Express Gift Card to complete your nursery! Share your Boppy photo with (hashtag)boppylove for details see Mom's Picks: Best of 2018. Chosen by parents. for details. Made in Lianyungang, China. Finished in Yelville, AR.