Bellino Panettone Traditional Italian Cake

Bellino® Panettone Traditional Italian Cake. Made with Real Butter. Net Wt. 32 oz (2lbs.) 907g. Panettone has traditionally been enjoyed during the holidays, as a breakfast treat and to celebrate special occasions, especially with a glass of champagne or white wine. Now you can enjoy Bellino Panettone all year round with these delicious recipes. Ice Cream Panettone: Cut panettone in five horizontal layers. Generously drizzle your favorite sweet liqueur, such as Grand Marnier, over each layer. Beginning with a layer of cake, assemble it, altering with a 1/2" thick layer or your favorite ice cream, ending with the top of the cake. Cut, serve and enjoy. Coffee Panettone: This easy to prepare coffee same is a delicious way to liven up your panettone. In a medium saucepan, beat the yolks of three eggs with 1/2 cup of sugar. Add one cup of milk and boil mixture over low heat until sauce begins to thicken. Add a shot glass of sweet liqueur and a cup of strong black coffee diluted with a little heavy cream. Continue to simmer until sauce begins to reduce and thicken. Slice the panettone and pour the warm sauce over each piece. Bellino Panettone is the traditional Italian cake to serve for celebrations, special occasions, as a delicious breakfast treat or anytime, Enjoy it freshly sliced or slightly warmed to bring out its wonderful fragrance, softness and sweet flavor. Great toasted!