Old North State Winery Red Table Wine, Restless Soul

The Old North State Winery's building was originally constructed in 1885 by Thomas Franklin Prather as general store. Mount Airy is home to the world's largest open face granite quarry. Accordingly, dynamite sales became a lucrative business in the area. Legend has it that due to a disagreement with Prather, the owner of the neighboring general store set off dynamite charges along the store front around 1926. The store facade was completely destroyed and Belk's department stores purchased the distressed building and rebuilt the storefront remaining here until 1969. Legend has it that during reconstruction the skeletal remains of an arm were found. Still today, no one knows to whom the arm belongs. The staff of Old North State Winery & Brewery noticed mysterious events inside the building. Seasonally, our cellar staff works long hours and may be working into the early hours of the morning. Reports of walking on the hardwood floors, closing doors, shuffling feet, shadows of movement and the feeling of not being alone when alone are abundant, Old North State Winery & Brewery had a wonderful red wine blend in the tank preparing for bottling. Early morning and late night happenings convinced the Old North State cellar staff to dedicate a wine to this wandering sleepless spirit. Thus restless soul was officially dedicated and the arm with a glass of red wine graces our restless soul label. Cheers! Dry. All energy used by the Old North State Winery is offset with clean solar power produced by the Sandy Cross Solar farm located on Sandy Cross Vineyards land in Nash county North Carolina. Need help finding Old North State Wines, download the locate Old North State Winery app. For your smartphone! www.oldnorthstatewinery.com. Facebook. Alcohol by volume 12.5%.