Warsteiner Beer, Variety Pack, 15 Pack 15 Ea

Family owned and brewed in the ninth generation now, our beers are crafted with passion and a love for detail choosing only top-quality ingredients and always in accordance with the German Purity Law. Cheers to our brewmasters who have been perfecting beer since 1753! 5 x Warsteiner Premium German Pilsener: We Germans are known for being pretty serious people. But there is one thing that puts a smile on our faces, the clean, refreshing taste of Warsteiner Pilsener. Brewed with hand-selected hops, spring barley malt and extra-soft brewing water from the Arnsberg forest nature park. 5 x Warsteiner Premium Dunkel: This one is one for the connoisseurs. The experts. The ones who take beer as seriously as we do. So enjoy the full-flavoured, smooth taste with notes of roasted malt and the subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones. 5 x Brewers Gold: Our new unfiltered German beer specialty: it has a smooth and malty taste with hints of honey and caramel while mastering the art of being as refreshingly tasty as you're used to from Warsteiner. As a little thank you, we named it after the unique hop that is responsible for its perfectly well-balanced flavour: Brewers Gold.