Truly Hard Seltzer, Assorted 12 ea

Introducing the NEW! Truly Unruly Variety Pack, which features four turned up 8% ABV flavors: Tropical Twist, Berry Blast, Citrus Crush and Strawberry Smash! Whoever said "nothing good happens after dark" clearly hasn't tried Truly Unruly. Think of it as the cooler cousin of everyone's favorite hard seltzer – sure, it's got the family genes (refreshment, light flavor, 12 fluid ounces), but that’s where the similarities stop. It's turned up to 8% ABV and is always ready to bring the fun! Truly Unruly is the rare drink that keeps you on your toes (not in your seat). Truly Unruly breaks the rules of what a high alcohol seltzer can taste like: because it actually tastes GOOD! Variety 12 pack, 12 fluid ounce cans.