Sol Beer 12 fl. oz. Bottle

Born in the heart of Mexico in 1899, Sol is the Mexican beer with an optimistic spirit and a crisp, refreshing taste. Our brewmaster took inspiration from a ray of sunlight shining through a hole in the brewery’s roof, then proudly named his new beer Sol which translates to the Sun. Sol is brewed to preserve the beer's freshness, even when displayed in a clear bottle, for the ultimate quality and taste from Mexico. Sol is the perfect beer to enjoy with friends and family. Enjoy this bright and refreshing lager on favorite holidays with friends and family: Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth (4th) of July, Mexican Independence Day (September 16th), Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos and winter holiday parties. Share this Mexican import when watching your favorite sporting events like Soccer (Futbol), Football, Baseball or Basketball. Savor every sip while pairing Sol with your favorite backyard BBQ or party. Mexican Lager Sol has delicate citrus notes balanced with a hop accent rounding out the full flavor. Moderate body, well-balanced mouthfeel and a crisp, clean finish Pairs well with a variety of foods, including spicy and lime forward flavors, such as: esquites, tlayudas, chicken fajitas, creamy roasted poblanos and cilantro lime rice Sol was a beer inspired by the sun in 1899, brewed to shine it was the first Mexican beer to be showcased in a clear bottle Light & Refreshing