Simply Spiked Beer, Lemonade, Variety Pack 12 ea

Enjoy delightfully refreshing spiked lemonade, in a variety of flavors, in this Simply Spiked Hard Lemonade Variety Pack. Made with 5% real fruit juice (squeezed, then concentrated), the variety pack features four lightly carbonated fruity lemonade flavors. The 12 pack of 12-oz slim cans includes: Simply Spiked Signature Lemonade with 5% ABV and the flavor of juicy lemon balanced with sweet and tart notes, Simply Spiked Strawberry Lemonade with 5% ABV and floral strawberry character leads with lemonade sweet and sour cues towards the finish, Simply Spiked Watermelon Lemonade with 5% ABV, featuring a low to moderate lemonade flavor, mixed with familiar hints of juicy melon, and Simply Spiked Blueberry Lemonade with 5% ABV and a moderate lemonade flavor with subtle berry character. This juicy spiked lemonade, bursting with a sweet and tart lemonade flavor, is perfect for brunch, BBQs, catching up with friends or any time you crave delicious lemonade with a kick.