Nutrl Vodka, Cranberry, Variety Pack 8 ea

NUTRL Vodka Cranberry Seltzer is an easy-to-drink hard seltzer that combines vodka with a deliciously fruity twist. This spiked seltzer variety pack includes flavored hard seltzers of classic cranberry, cranberry grapefruit, cranberry apple, and cranberry orange. These alcoholic beverages are made with refreshingly simple, tasty and uncomplicated ingredients like vodka, seltzer water, and real cranberry juice. It's that simple and it's even more refreshing. NUTRL Vodka Seltzer fruit drinks are gluten free with natural flavors, no added sugar, and 100 calories. These gluten free alcohol drinks have a 4.5% ABV and can be enjoyed cold or over ice right out of the can. No matter how you prefer it, these sugar free drinks are down right delicious, and the slim cans of NUTRL seltzer are easy to hold, store and transport wherever the party goes whether you need crisp alcohol beverages or simple zero sugar drinks that can be enjoyed year round, no matter the season. Real Vodka. Real Juice. Enjoy NUTRL Responsibly.