Monster Hard Tea, Tea + Lemonade, Original, Peach, Variety Pack 12 ea

The usual suspects were enjoying a few cold ones and decided to check out some Hard Iced Tea from the competition. Eventually somebody commented, “this stuff is just plan NASTY.” Channeling Jack from Boogie Nights someone else said, "GOOD NAME!,” Just like that the Idea was born. Truth is, we’ve been making great tasting iced tea for over 25 years and have some great recipes stashed away. So, we brewed some up. Blended in our super clean alcohol, dialed-in the flavor, and came up with a cool can design for our new baby. You be the Judge. Crack open a can of our new Nasty Beast Hard Tea and you'll see it's By far the best tasting Hard Tea out there. At 6-point "Oh Yea %" alcohol it' s smooth as silk but still gets the job done. We're no Dirk Diggler, but still pretty proud of what we got!