Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml

The world's no 1 bourbon whisley. Since 1975. James B. Beam. None genuine without my siganture. Seven: Generations of the Beam family. Jacob Bean 1760-1834. David Beam 1802-1854. David M. Beam 1833-1913. Colonel James B. Beam 1864-1947. T. Jeremiah Beam 1899-1977. Booker Noe 1929-2004. Fred Noe 1957-President. Master Distillers. Since 1795. Here's to every beam who was added his own special chapter to our story. Kentucky in our hearts. Bourbon in our soul. Quality. Genuine. Beam Bourbon Aged 4 years. Aged for four long years in the heart of Kentucky, Jim Beam Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is made for those who take their bourbon seriously. Time-honored family recipe. Since 1795.