Leinenkugel's Beer, Marzen German Style, Oktoberfest 6 ea

Rotating seasonal series from Leinenkugel’s! Product flavor will vary depending on the season and may differ from the image shown. (Jan-Sept) Honey Lemon Light. (Oct-Jan) Sunset Wheat. Enjoy the medium body and slight creaminess of Leinenkugel's Belgian-Style Sunset Wheat craft beer with 4.9% ABV. Our Belgian-Style wheat beer has notes of orange and blueberry resulting in a pleasant sweetness and zesty, citrusy berry fruitiness with a touch of spicy coriander for a fall craft beer that is both refreshing and crisp. The opaque hue and white billowing head are accompanied by a zesty citric fruitiness with and array of aromatics including spicy wheat and perfumy coriander. This delicious fruit beer pairs well with mild seafood, poultry and fruity tart desserts. Pick up a 6 pack of 12-oz beer cans of this seasonal wheat beer for a fun, relaxing time with family and friends, or to enjoy during some alone time. Jacob Leinenkugel founded the Leinenkugel family brewery in 1867 with the hope of infusing his German family heritage into delicious, enjoyable beers. Today, the sixth generation of Leinenkugels continues to brew the same German-inspired recipes in a variety of tastes and flavors.