Happy Thursday Spiked Refreshers, Bubble Free, Assorted 12 ea

The weekend is always within reach with our new line of Happy Thursday Spiked Refreshers –– a non-carbonated alcoholic drink with 4.4% ABV that's a deliciously refreshing alternative to beer and hard seltzers. The variety pack includes four bubble-free, bright fruit flavors: Mango Passionfruit –– bright and juicy mango with passionfruit notes and a pop of sweetness; Black Cherry –– nostalgic black cherry with sweet/tart notes and a smooth finish; Pineapple Starfruit –– fresh, ripe pineapple flavor with tropical notes and a clean finish; and Strawberry –– fresh, ripe, juicy strawberry with a balanced sweet/tart flavor and smooth finish. Perfect for any time you want a little taste of the weekend. Pick up a 12 pack of 12.0 fl oz cans for watch parties, game nights, outdoor fun or those casual but lively get-togethers with friends, because why wait until Friday?