Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop

Cool off this summer with Coors Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer. This limited edition summer seltzer tastes like the perfect blend of orange and vanilla ice cream with a sparkling effervescence. With 90 calories per can and 4.5% ABV, this certified gluten-free spiked seltzer makes a refreshing summer drink for relaxing by the pool or hanging out with friends. Each sip of this orange and vanilla seltzer brings back the nostalgic taste of an orange cream pop on a hot day. Plus, the seltzer slim cans are easy to store and to share. Through a partnership with Change the Course, Coors Seltzer is on a mission to help save rivers. Each seltzer 12-pack sold will help restore 500 gallons of clean water back to America's rivers. Coors Seltzer makes giving back taste good.