Sol Beer, Cerveza 12 ea

Sol Cerveza is a refreshing Mexican lager beer with 4.5% ABV. Light and easy going down, this import beer has a clean taste and smooth finish that's perfect for sessioning with friends on a sunny day. This convenient pack of light beer is always a great choice, whether you're having a rooftop party or dancing at a sun-drenched music festival. Brewed with quality malted barley and hop extract, every crisp and invigorating sip of this summer beer connects you to the positive energy of the sun. Drinking a Sol party beer feels like a Mexican ray of sunshine; it pairs beautifully with your favorite cookout fare, or use it to wash down tacos. For over 120 years, Sol's dedication to quality has been at the source of something truly unique: the opportunity to taste the sun. Legend has it that as the master brewer bottled the first batch of an experimental new recipe, it was illuminated by a ray of sunlight and he decided to name it “El Sol." It was in early 1900 that the brand became the now iconic "Sol."