Stone Porter, Smoked

North County San Diego. Gargoyle (gar' goil) n.: A fearsome figure carved from stone that has powers to ward off evil spirits. Our Stone gargoyle wards off modern day evil sprits such as chemical preservatives, additives & adjuncts. One taste, and you can tell he does his job very well. Stone Smoked Porter: Deep mahogany around the edges and approaching pitch black in the center. Mysterious, smoky and edging on decadent. Connivingly complex. Excellent with just about any BBQ'd meats. Amazing with fine chocolates, cheesecake and other rich desserts. And pretty damn good with PB&J sandwich. You'll find a seamless meld of subtlety rich chocolate, subdued coffee and light smoky undertones in this polished ebony gem. Delve a layer deeper and you'll discover hints of licorice, dark fruit and perhaps even caramel (hmmm, maybe that's the dessert talking). Our Philosophy: To create ales of world-class distinction and boundless character with honesty, integrity and craftsmanship. We also feel that it's ok to brew styles of beer that not everyone appreciates - yet that some people absolutely love. And for all you Stone Smoked Porter lovers, don't worry if you turn somebody new onto this ale. We'll keep brewing enough. After all, we love it too. 5.9% alc/vol.