Budweiser Beer, Brewmasters' Project Twelve

Brewmasters from each of our 12 breweries created a unique beer worthy of the Budweiser name to be sampled across America this summer. Only the best brews survived and are now collected in this limited-time, special edition pack. With your feedback, one could become the next Budweiser! Batch No. 91406: color - deep amber; alcohol content - 6.0% alc./vol; tasting notes - A deep amber lager brewed wit two-row and caramel malts and finished on beechwood chips - Bryan Sultrain, Brewmaster of Los Angles, CA. Batch No. 63118: color - deep gold; alcohol content - 5.0% alc./vol; tasting notes - A deep golden pilsner brewed with hop varieties used at the St. Louis brewery in the 19th century - Jim Bicklein, Brewmaster of St. Louis, MO. Batch No. 23185: color - light amber; alcohol content - 5.5% alc./vol; tasting notes - A light-amber, all-malt bourbon cask lager finished on Bourbon staves with vanilla spice - Daniel Westmoreland, Brewmaster of Williamsburg, TN. Tell us what you think! We asked for your feedback and here are the results! Project 12 was born when we asked our 12 Budweiser Brewmasters to each create a unique beer worthy of the Budweiser name. Throughout an all-summer, nation-wide sampling, the limited-edition beers within this sampler pack rose to the top. Each Batch No. is the zip code of the 12 breweries where the ideas originated. Let us know what you think, who knows - with your help one of these could become the next Budweiser!