Dalton White Wine, Galilee, 2016

Galilee. Dalton. Israel. 1995. Canaan white 2016 Galilee Israeli white wine. Canaan loves company - striving towards sustainability and minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process, we make sure to offer you the chance to savor the natural expression of our grapes as they were meant to be. Fruitful and fragrant. Juicy - and just right. There's always time for joy. Go ahead. Pause for pleasure. Mevushal wine. Kosher for passover. Kosher Le Mehadrin according to Beit Yoseph. For year round use including passover, free from Orla and Shviit. Trumot and Maaserot have been given. Under the strict supervision of Rabbi M. Ungar, Monsey, NY. www.daltonwinery.com. T. 718.472.1155; alliedimporters.com. 13% alc by vol. Produced and bottled by Dalton Winery Ltd, Merom Hagalil, Israel.