Hey Mambo Bistro Style Wine, Swanky White, 2006

California white wine. A Blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Viogmier, Muscat Canelli & Chenin Blanc Grapes. Take note. I make my way farther up Columbus as the night moves on, and find myself in front of some well-worn, little bar The buzz of conversation and far-out harmonies drizzle out to the street, mixing with the crisp night air. Weaving through the night-owls spilling out onto the stoop, I wedge myself through the narrow door. Lucky enough to find a seat, the bartender fills my glass with wine. Into the golden haze struts a sumptuous vision-with silky black hair and honey brown skin. Like lightning in the evening sky, she steps out onto the dance floor. The rhythmic click of her shoes, igniting the room. The band intensifies with her every move. Each step, each sway. The crowd is enraptured! The music, the dancing, the wine, all together mesmerizing. I savor every drop. 13.5% Alc. by vol.