Cavit Cabernet Sauvignon

This bold Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from the Adige River Valley in northern Italy's Trentino region. To these ideal vineyards, Cavit brings over a half-century of winemaking expertise and a passion for quality. Aged in oak for twelve months, this polished, well-balanced Cabernet shows complex fruit flavors and smooth tannins. Perfect with roasts, pasta in rich sauces and robust vegetarian dishes. Salute! The Cavit winemaking team proudly presents this fine Cabernet Sauvignon from the award-winning Cavit Collection. Anselmo Martini, chief enologist, Cavit. Sole US agent. Alc. 12.5% by vol. Imported from Italy. Produced & bottled by Cavit S.C. Trento, Italia. Product of Italy.