Vin Glogg

A winter wine. A blend of California port and red wine, natural fruit flavors and spices. A fun winter, warm up wine with the spicy fragrance and fruity flavors that say - good time, good friends, & warm hearts. The Glunz family has been making Glogg in America for over 100 years with this old world formula, which is now in the hands of the fourth generation. Vin Glogg is Scandinavian in origin, however, many Northern European countries produced a version of it by popularizing local tastes and using local wines and ingredients. Our Glogg recipe is fairly traditional using a high quality California Port and red wine as its base. To this we have blended oils of citrus fruits, nuts, clove. cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a couple of secret ingredients. Spices and oil of fruit in our Vin Glogg cause a natural haze on the inside of the bottle and slight sediment in the wine. 13.5% Alcohol by volume.