Purity Vodka Vodka, Ultra 34 Premium

USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Control Union. Certified organic. Made from winter wheat & barley. The spirit of Sweden purity vodka. By Thomas Kuuttanen, Master Blender. The hearth of the vodka. Times distilled. Elligne estate. Distilling 34 times makes all the difference. This vodka has won innumerable awards for its character, smoothness and ability to be enjoyed neat or blended for unforgettable cocktails. The heart of every Purity Vodka batch is distilled either 17, 34 or 51 times, making each bottle a distinctive, exceptional experience. Try our Super 17 Premium, Ultra 34 Premium and Connoisseur 51 Reserve and discover why Purify is the elevated spirit. Distilled from grain. www.purityvodka.com. 40% alc. by vol. 80 proof. Bottled by Avaindis, Zoetermeer, NL. Product of Sweden.