Vent Van Gogh Vodka, Coffee Flavored, Double Espresso

Double caffeine. Vincent Van Gogh called it perfekte koffie. We call it great coffee - the perfect coffee flavor for an espresso martini. Our master distiller wants you to use his double espresso, along with your imagination, to create your own latte, cappuccino, or mocha martini. Van Gogh is proud to be the first to bring this coffee flavor to martini connoisseurs. The multiple distillation has created a coffee flavored vodka with refinement, smoothness and character as only found in handmade, small batch spirits. The Dirkzwager family have been distillers for generations, passing their art of distillation on from father to son. Caramel colored. Grain neutral spirits. (70 proof) 35% alc/vol. Distilled and bottled in Schiedam, Holland, by Dirkzwager Distilleries.