Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old Canadian Whisky

Canadian Club® Classic 12 Year Old Whisky. Est. 1858. Imported. Small batch. Blended Canadian Whisky. Hand selected fully matured Canadian Club Whisky. Patiently aged for 12 years for superior quality & character. 80 Proof. 750 ml. Canadian Club's small batch whiskies are carefully crafted with the same personal touch and attention to detail used more than 150 years ago in perfecting our original Canadian rye recipe. To this day, our splendid whisky distillation continues to rely on traditional pot stills and our finest quality hand-selected malted grains to provide a velvety, creamy finish. We blend spirits from each of our premium grains prior to aging to allow their flavors to marry, and then age the blended spirit for 12 years in seasoned, char-treated, oak bourbon barrels. The resulting whisky experience delivers full aromas of vanilla, mellow wood and spice with a soft butterscotch nose - perfect for the finest occasions and truly an ode to Canadian Club's longtime passion for the art of whisky craft.