Bacardi Rum Light Mojito

Bacardi Light Mojito. Read to serve. Est. 1862. Classic cocktails. Under 95 calories per serving. Simply pour over ice. 12.5% Alc. by vol. (25 proof). Bacardi rum with natural flavors, certified colors, artificial sweeteners. Since its creation 150 years ago Bacardi has inspired the world's favorite cocktails, including the first recorded recipes for the Mojito. Experience the same refreshing and natural taste of the bacardi Mojito, now with under 95 calories per serving. Simply pour over ice and enjoy a delicious, guiltless cocktail! Average analysis: serving size: 1.5 fl oz., Calories: 34.7, carbohydrates 0.6 g, protein 0 g, fat 0 g. Enjoy responsibly. Bacardi and The Bat Device are registered trademarks of Bacardi & Company Limited Consumer information call 1-800-BACARDI.