Third Shift Band of Brewers Lager, Amber, Third Shift

Gold medal award winner. Brewed by a Band of Brewers whose passion for brewing doesn't stop when the day shift is over. This beer was created by the Band of Brewers - a group of accomplished brewing professionals whose dedication to brewing doesn't end when the day shift is over. They pour everything they have into the pursuit of new and different beers, the best of which have won gold. This collection of award winning beers is Third Shift. The beer you hold in your hand has won gold. In fact, it couldn't be a Third Shift beer if it hadn't. Fueled by their passion for making great beer, our Band of Brewers developed this award winner; a smooth and easy drinking amber lager - well balanced with a sweet maltiness, lightly toasted character, subtle hops and a beautiful color. Great beer. Great responsibility. When beer is your calling, you never clock out. Visit us online at Drink the beer. Recycle the rest.