Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea - 12 CT

Twisted Tea® Original Hard Iced Tea. True iced tea taste. 5% alcohol by volume. Please drink Responsibly®. Flavor beer. This corrugated fibreboard has an edge crush test of not less than 32#. International paper. Memphis, TN. Can you be a little Twisted Malt beverage with select teas and natural flavors. Please drink responsibly. Tom and Tommy Tillson – Sidney, Maine. Be a little Twisted®. Submit your photo at ©2012 Twisted Tea Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH. Collect our caps to make your own twisted poetry. Twisted Tea is best if enjoyed before month notched. or call 800-330-4919. ©2011 Handcrafted by Twisted Tea Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH. ©Twisted Tea Brewing Company.