Stone Ale, Pale

Stone Brewing Co. - All-time top brewery on planet Earth. The most popular and highest-rated brewery - ever. - BeerAdvocate Magazine. It's easy to understand why this pale ale is one of the most beloved beers in the world. - DRAFT Magazine. This pale has the citrusy flower notes to satisfy any hophead, but a slightly richer backbone to balance them out. - Wall Street Journal. Stone has no interested in going mainstream if that means watering down the product. - Inc. Magazine. Stone Brewing Co. from San Diego is arguably the most notorious player on America's exhilarating craft brewing scene. - The Publican (United Kingdom). Enjoy fresh. Fresh beer is by intention not by accident. Help us keep fresh Stone in your area. Let us know & we'll get freshies on the shelves. 41 IBUs. 5.4% abv.