Bee Harmony Honey, Local Raw California

The beesponsible honey. We are Beesponsible. We speak up for bees. we love them for their pollinating powers, honey-making magic and fuzzy, buzzy swagger. We work to keep them a thriving, beautiful part of our lives. So naturally, we aren't fans of bee-harming pesticides. Yet all for bee-friendly gardens, lawns and practices. It's why we share ways, big and small, for everyone to join in. Thanks for choosing Bee Harmony Honey, The Beesponsible Honey. True Source Certified. US Grade A strained. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. Join the Bee Evolution: Let's all beesponsible. Bees love us. They pollinate our fields, orchards and gardens. They bring sweetness to our lives. But bees are threatened and need our help. Beesponsible is the way we love them back. Pitch in at Bee cycle. Product of USA.