La Brea Bakery Select Recipe Bread Loaf, Jalapeno Cheddar

Award-winning. Natural artisan bread. In 1988, our founder, Chef Nancy Silverton created the sourdough starter that would ultimately become the trademark ingredient in every loaf of La Brea Bakery bread. It is Nancy's original recipe, creativity, passion and dedication to quality that continues to set La Brea Bakery apart as the authority on artisan bread. To this day, enthusiasts continue to line up outside of our original bakery in Los Angeles, CA, for our natural, gourmet creations. La Brea Bakery's delicious breads can also be enjoyed across the globe. Celebrate with La Brea Bakery's Select Recipe Breads; a great way to enhance the quality of eating. Our Select Recipe Breads include exclusive gourmet recipes that are sure to please the palate and delicious for a variety of occasions. Savor the complex tastes, flavors and aromas of these unique breads. One bite and you will experience La Brea Bakery's artisan traditions rooted in each crumb. Beautiful and aromatic. The Jalapeno Cheddar Loaf has a thin, crunchy crust and a delicate chewy, tender crumb. The spice of jalapenos awaken the senses. The cheddar cheese is delightfully subtle. A medley of colors inspires. This loaf is a meal unto itself! Or, enjoy warm with a bowl of homemade tomato soup. Discovering recipes & traditions. The key to enjoying great bread is to share with other bread lovers! La Brea Bakery invites you to share a favorite recipe, personal story, or special family tradition. You may get published! Visit 0 g trans fat per serving. No preservatives. Sugar free. Low fat. Great bread is just the beginning.