S. Rosen's Sliced French Rolls - 6 CT

S. Rosen's® French Rolls. Since 1909. Six rolls. Makes delicious tasting sandwiches. Italian beef. Brats & sausages. BBQ beef & pork. Grilled steak. Italian beef rolls. 6 sliced. Great Sandwiches Start with Great Bread!® Chicago's Deli favorite! A Chicago tradition since 1909, S. Rosen's has a proud reputation for baking the best tasting deli rolls, buns and breads. S. Rosen's French rolls bring traditional deli taste to your large brats, Polish sausages and Italian beef sandwiches. Great for grilling! "A truly delicious way to make your sandwich special." Fats, oils & sweets use sparingly. Milk, yogurt & cheese group. Vegetable group. Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs & nuts group. Fruit group. Bread, cereal, rice & pasta group. 2-3 servings - 2-3 servings. 3-5 servings - 2-4 servings. 6-11 servings. USDA food guide pyramid. S. Rosen's French rolls are a delicious way to get the USDA recommended 6-11 daily servings of the bread, cereal, rice & pasta group. Bread provides complex carbohydrates for energy and is a naturally low fat food. Visit alphabaking.com for more information. 1-800-676-4622. www.alphabaking.com.