Johnsonville Stadium Hamburger Buns, Honey

No high fructose corn syrup. Per Bun: 160 calories; sat fat 0 g (0%); sodium 250 mg (11%); 3 g sugars. Baked by Aunt Millie's. Family owned since 1945. Johnsonville. Any way you stuff it. a great bun all around! What could be better than a grilled Johnsonville Burger or Brat with all your favorite toppings? Nothing - especially when it's served on the right bun! Johnsonville Stadium Buns, from the bakers at Aunt Millie's, are the perfect buns for the job. Ralph Stayer, Owner - Johnsonville Sausage. Family owned since 1901. School spirit. This bag may not be recyclable in your area. Quality guaranteed. 1-855-755-Bake (2253).