Natural Ovens Bakery Bread Better White

Natural Ovens Bakery™ Better White Bread. 0g trans fat. 50mg omega 3 per slice. From our family to your family. The mission of Natural Ovens Bakery is to bake delicious breads and bagels using only the highest quality ingredients. With our wide variety of flavors and textures, we are confident that there is a Natural Ovens product out there to satisfy everyone's individual tastes. We offer the best nutrition while maintaining that fresh, homemade flavor. We've discovered that it's possible to bake our products without the use of potentially harmful ingredients, and we've also found that our loyal customers prefer it that way and appreciate our extra efforts. LDPE Recyclable. This loaf is perfect for those who want to eat healthier but do not care for the taste and texture of whole grain breads. This traditional-style bread will please the entire family! You like the nutrition, they like the taste! With no dough conditioners or artificial preservatives in our recipe, better white bread is a great alternative to the traditional white breads found at the grocery stores. Contact us Direct Delivery Orders. Order our products to be delivered to home. 800-772-0730. Customer Service. Ask questions or share comments about products. 800-558-3535.