Kontos Pita, Pocket Less, Whole Wheat 5 Ea

Hand-stretched for fluffiness. No cholesterol. No trans fat. 100% vegetarian. Kontos' Whole Wheat Pocket-Less Pita has a full flavor that tastes as close to scratch-baked pita from a clay oven as you can get! It quickly warms to a golden brown on the outside while staying light, fluffy and flavorful on the inside. Fold it around your favorite sandwich fixings. Use it to make a hot meatball or sausage wrap. Or for a quick, light meal, top one with cheese and vegetables and bake in a 400 degree oven to create your own gourmet personal pizza. Our traditional hand-stretching method is what makes Kontos Pita taste better than the rest. It takes a little longer, but the difference is worth it! Quality Guaranteed: For more than 60 years Kontos has produced premium products using the finest ingredients in a time-honored tradition. The Kontos name will always be your guarantee of quality, flavor, and convenience. Find us on Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest. Kontos Foods. www.kontos.com. Product of the USA.