Audubon Park Wild Bird Food, Woodpecker Seed Cake

Loaded with peanuts to attract woodpeckers. For use in large-sized hanging basket feeder. Bringing the Audubon experience to your backyard. Attracts: woodpeckers, flickers, sapsuckers, nuthatches, titmice and others. Thank you for choosing Audubon Park for your wild bird needs. Audubon Park is recognized by millions of backyard birders as the leading producer of quality wild bird food and wild animal products. We're proud to provide you with consistent products you can trust. Keeping it Friendly: Dealing with overcrowding at your feeders and unwanted guests doesn't have to be a hassle. Using different types of feeders for different types of birds will help keep your backyard friends from fighting. Adding a critter feeder for squirrels and chipmunks will help reduce competition among your backyard friends. Find out which products birds in your neighborhood like best. Use your phone or visit to learn more. Made in USA.