Art Is Oils Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

Cold-pressed Mediterranean. Contains an average of 8 g of Omega 9 per serving. Vegan. Certified gluten free. Sodium free Non GMO Project verified. No chemicals. Everyday. Versatile. Olive oil is a pillar of the mediterranean diet and a staple in spanish cooking. From Spain with Love: Spain's temperate climate creates the perfect growing conditions for olives that produce a mild and fruity oil. This oil is so prized in Spain that it is often referred to as Liquid Gold. Our Single Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted from sun-blushed olives, grown in the Spanish Mediterranean. With a fruity, delicate, and buttery flavor, it is perfect for everyday cooking, such as sauting, dipping, drizzling, or blending into a vinaigrette or marinade. Flavor Notes: Mild well-rounded flavor. NAOO Certified quality. La Tourangelle, Inc BPA free. Please recycle. Product of Spain.