Angelic Bakehouse® 7-Grain Sea Salt Snack Crisps 5 oz. Pouch

It's delicious & nutritious like being both simple & sophisticated. Top it.With fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil and balsamic glaze.Dip it.In beet hummus with walnuts.Pair it.With Parmesan and salami.Love it.Plain or topped, just try not to eat the whole bag. Sprout Your Wings™You could serve ordinary crackers. Or buy something premade. But you're better than that. You deserve Pure Crisp Perfection™.Every crisp in this bag is delicious and nutritious like being both simple and sophisticated. That's because we start with only pure ingredients and sprout them into something better. But you can read about that below. What are Sprouted Mash™ Whole Grains?The Secret to Perfection• Perfectly sprouted 7 whole grains.• Made fresh, ground fresh, and mixed fresh into every dough.• The main ingredient in every Angelic product, including breads, buns, flatbreads, and pantry goods.• Never dried or milled into flour.• Delivering superior taste, nutrition and purity that can only be called Angelic. Top It. Dip It. Pair It. Love It. The Best Crisp You Can Buy. We Dare You to Top It. Pure Crisp Perfection™