Anchor Jars + Lids + Bands, Canning, 1/2 Pint

8 oz/236 ml. For preserving food and crafting. Smooth sided regular mouth. Pure glass protects flavor. Life Durable Glass - will not stain or absorb odors. American made glass since 1905. BPA Free: Free of harmful chemicals. Glass is dishwasher safe. Regular mouth: Half pint (8 oz); Ideal For: Fruit syrup, chutneys and pizza sauce. Regular mouth: Pint (16 oz); Ideal for: Jams, jellies, conserves and preserves. Regular mouth: Quart (32 oz); Ideal for: Vegetables, salsas, sauces, relishes and pie fillings. Regular mouth: Jelly jars (8 oz); Ideal for: Sliced fruits and vegetables, pickles, tomato-based juices and sauces. Made in USA.