Alaskan Leader Seafoods Wild Caught Alaska Cod, Fish Taco Cuts

80 calories per serving. 18 g protein per serving. America's COD company. Hook & line caught. Ready in 15 minutes. An Alaskan Fisherman's Story: From the pristine waters of the Bering Sea, Alaskan Leader Seafoods harvests some of the world's most delicious, premium Alaskan codfish. Purity of catch, freshness of taste and consistency of quality are guaranteed in every Alaskan Leader Seafood product. Hook and line caught and frozen at sea within minutes of harvest, this superior offering will never disappoint lovers of great Alaskan seafood. - Nick Delaney, Founder, Alaskan Leader Seafoods. It doesn't get any more wild than this! - Deckhand, FV Alaskan Leader, Bering Sea, Alaska. Wild, sustainable, delicious! Wild, natural & sustainable. Product of USA.