4C Totally Light 2Go Bonus Variety Pack - 24 CT

4C® Totally Light® 2 Go Bonus Variety Pack. 4 Free Packets. Makes 48 Servings. 24 packets. 100% Vitamin C (DV). Natural & artificial flavors. 4C, Sugar Free, half & half, iced tea lemonade mix. 4C, Sugar Free, red tea, peach, antioxidant. 4C, Sugar Free, green tea, antioxidant. 4C, Sugar Free, Totally Light, Tea 2 Go, natural lemon flavor, iced tea mix, Sweetened with Splenda® Brand. Purchase 24 packets for the price of 20. 6 of each flavor. 0 calories. No sodium. **Makes 240 ml (about 8 fl oz) of prepared drink. Visit us at www.4c.com. © 4CFC MMXII.